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Your DeFouw BMW Dealership in Lafayette isn’t just an excellent place to find the full gambit of new BMW vehicles. Our DeFouw service center is a state of the art facility that’s ready to cater to the unique needs of BMW owners. Whether you need a routine service or detailed collision repair, you’ll find exactly what you need with us.

BMW Service and Collision Center

After over two decades in the Crawfordsville area, we’re proud to say we’ve achieved a range of awards and benchmarks revolving around our professional service. In addition to our DeFouw Collision Center — the only BMW Certified Collision Repair Center in Central Indiana — we remain committed to offering these BMW services:

  • Qualified Services Technicians: From your standard oil changes to unexpected transmission issues, we have a team of qualified professional who know exactly what to do. We ensure each team member is capable of high quality service.
  • Extensive Technology: We updated our current facility in 2013 and in the years since, we’ve dutifully replaced equipment with updates. BMWs have increasing amounts of intricate technologies and we liked to be prepared for everything.
  • Genuine OEM Parts: Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made to perfectly fit your BMW model and trim. We don’t take any chances with your vehicle, which is why OEM parts are a staple.
  • Fleet Services: From building to maintenance, we’ve helped local businesses with fleet repairs, regular service and loaners for years. Keep your fleet operational and in prime condition.

Our Collision Car Repair Process

Accidents happen everywhere, but if you live in the Frankfort area, you can rest easy knowing DeFouw is taking care of your BMW. Our repair process is as thorough as possible:

  • Comprehensive Inspection: The first step in the DeFouw repair process is an inspection of your BMW model. We look at what repairs need to be completed for your BMW’s full restoration.
  • Evaluative Planning: Once we understand what’s going on under the hood, we’ll begin planning our course of action and detailing the estimates for the cost of the repairs. We’ll discuss the plan with you before finalization.
  • Dependable Insurance Communication: If your insurance provider is involved with your repair process, we’ll consistently work with the company from the start. We verify damage reports, coverage, claim numbers and submit estimate reports.
  • The Second Inspection: We will disassemble your BMW and give it a second comprehensive inspection. If we discover any additional repair work that needs to be done, we will write a supplemental order.
  • Detailed Work: Our team has decades of combined experience, and we use this in conjunction with top-notch equipment to repair your BMW. At every point, we ensure meticulous attention to detail.
  • The Last Inspection: After we complete your repairs, we will put your BMW through one last inspection and we’ll make sure it meets the level of quality you are expecting as well as our own professional standards.
  • Assembly: Next, we put all the appropriate parts back in the right places. We make sure every part is clean, sealed and everything else before we think about paint.
  • Paint Matching: When every part is in place, we make a special batch of paint to match your BMW. We apply multiple coasts topped with multiple clear coats to give the finish extra protection.
  • Delivery and Review: Once it’s all said and done, we deliver your BMW back to you and review what’s been done. We only consider our job done if you’re happy.

Our New BMW Service Facility

In the fall of 2017, we are going to open a new facility to service West Lafayette and the surrounding area. Here’s how we will improve our service for you:

  • Spacious Service Center: Our new space dedicates over 12,000 square feet as well as 10 service bays to servicing BMW vehicles.
  • New Generation Technology: The facility will include state of the art lifts and next generation equipment for tire alignment and other shop tasks.
  • Welcoming Reception Area: While you’re waiting, step into our air-conditioned reception area and enjoy our complimentary Isetta Coffee Bar.
  • Certified BMW Genius: On site, we have a certified BMW Genius to assist with complicated vehicle technologies and answer any questions.

Get Your BMW Serviced at DeFouw BMW

Do you need a repair fast? Are you looking for your next or first BMW? Come on down to the DeFouw BMW Dealership and Service Center and we’ll help you in every way we can. If you want to make a service appointment or ask questions about our services, reach out through our contact form.