The DeFOUW Automotive 51st Annual Tent Sale in Lafayette, IN

DeFOUW Chevrolet-BMW has been serving the greater Lafayette area since 1961. As the dealership has developed and undergone numerous upgrades, including the recent opening of the all-new BMW building, it still takes pride in the importance of tradition.

DeFOUW has many traditions both amongst staff, as well as those externally shared with the community. Although, the dealership's longest spanning, is the DeFOUW Annual Tent Sale that goes back decades, starting in 1968, making it the longest running tent sale in the country.

The creation of the now highly-anticipated sales event, came from the company's founder, Bill DeFOUW himself. In the spring of 1968, DeFOUW was invited to a meeting in Indianapolis, as one of the top automotive dealers in the area. Here, DeFOUW and other dealership owners, spoke of the need to increase sales - despite his own dealership's success.

DeFOUW looked to his mentor Carl Story, for inspiration. Story once had a tent sale at his Oldsmobile dealership that ran for only three days and was surprisingly held in the winter. DeFOUW thought maybe a tent sale, reminiscent of Story's, could be the perfect way to gather the Lafayette, IN community, with a fun and unique way for customers to experience car buying.

From there, DeFOUW told his managers of the new idea and contacted the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds to secure a space for what is now the DeFOUW Automotive Annual Tent Sale.

51 years later, the DeFOUW team is carrying on the tradition at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds, as they have every summer since, in the same red-colored shirts, that Bill DeFOUW himself determined would make the staff distinguishable.

So, join DeFOUW Chevrolet-BMW at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds from now through June 22nd, for a wide selection of Chevrolet, BMW, and pre-owned vehicles, and see the long-running tradition for yourself.

Tent Sale
Location: Tippecanoe Country Fairgrounds
1406 Teal Rd W, Lafayette, IN 47905
Dates: June 6- June 22
Hours: 8:30 am - 9 pm, Monday-Saturday
(765) 449-2800