Custom Orders A Chevrolet Or BMW


Not seeing the Chevrolet or BMW model you had your heart set on? Well no need to worry because DeFOUW Automotive can custom order any Chevy or BMW model for your convenience. Our staff is here to offer quality automobile service, from answering any questions you may have to ordering that special truck, sedan, or SUV. Let us take the worry out of shopping for your next dream car and get you on the road in a reliable Chevy or BMW. 

If you don't see the Chevrolet or BMW model you want in our inventory, simply contact us online or visit us in person to request a custom order so we can get you driving in style in a classic Chevrolet or BMW model. If you want to learn more about our Lafayette store and all the amazing services we offer, check out our About Us and Our History pages. 

Place Your Custom Order In Lafayette

Throughout our history, customer service has always been important to us. We can't thank our loyal Chevy and BMW customers enough all across the Lafayette area. If you have any questions about what we have to offer, from services to inventory, please feel free to contact us at DeFOUW Automotive.