The Past and Future: Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette, also dubbed the Vette, has been a prized possession of many car enthusiasts since its beginning in 1953. The Corvette was, and continues to be, one of America's most iconic sports cars. The car has gone through 7 body styles with its next mid-engine model being revealed in July of 2019.


Nicknamed the "solid-axle" model due to its lack of independent rear suspension


Called the Corvette Sting Ray with its distinct back, the split window was the 1963 model


Also called the Corvette Sting Ray then switched to Stingray, it was the beginning of T-tops


The first complete redesign since 1963


Car received tasteful exterior upgrades with huge engine and chassis improvements


Refinement of the C5


Brought back the Stingray name


Officially a mid-engine car which will be a complete redesign of the Corvette. The car will look very different compared to the other models. Chevrolet has opted for the mid-engine supercar in order to gain performance, as they felt they were at limits with the former front engine car.

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