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Learn about how to maintain your vehicle in the cold at DeFOUW Automotive

Winter Vehicle Tips At DeFOUW Automotive

How To Maintain Your Vehicle In The Cold

The cold weather is inevitable and some years are worse than others. Traveling in the winter proposes a heightened risk. The best way to minimize the risk is to be proactive and take action immediately when car problem arises. Below are a few tips to get your vehicle through the winter months!

1. Make sure to fix cracks

Small cracks on the windows or lights can turn into a nightmare when the temperature drops. Water can work their way into the cracks and freeze, which makes the crack worse.

2. Make sure you are full on antifreeze

Antifreeze maintains the temperature of your motor but also ensures that the coolant does not freeze within the motor. Failure to do so can lead to a hefty repair bill.

3. Make sure your tires are in good condition

Driving in the winter months can lead to unfavorable conditions. Tires in good shape help maintain traction when traveling is necessary.

4. Check your battery

Have your battery tested to see if it is in good shape. A merely weak battery in the summer may not be able to start your car in the winter. Low temperatures drain batteries so make sure to start your car in low temperatures and let it run for a few minutes allowing the battery to charge.

5. Check your washer fluid

Salt and road grime cover the roads in the winter. Make sure you have clear vision while driving with windshield washer fluid. It is a good idea to make sure it is topped off because of the increased use in the winter months.

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